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Angelika Roncow Volkova was born on September 18th 1985 in a provincial town in Southern Russia called Slavyansk-na-Kubani near Kuban River & the Black Sea. Her family immigrated to the US after the fall of communism in 1997 when she was 11 years old. Throughout her life she had to deal with posture and back problems, the reason being was that she had a tragic injury during birth back in 1985. In those days you couldn’t have pressed charges or anything of that nature, Russia being a communist country, you were told that your child was lucky to be alive. Long story short, she was a breach baby & got yanked out of her mother by her left hand, because there were complications. This caused damage, which lead to a permanent curve in her mid spine creating a pinched nerve and a temporary paralysis of the left fingers and hand (fist) as well as eye problems more noticeable later in her childhood. She received vitamin B12 injections as a baby, which over a period of time restored movement, later she attended a preschool for children with eye &’vision impairment where she actually learned how to read full length books at age 4 and by age 6 was taking piano lessons, singing and ballet. As she grew and attended elementary her left shoulder and hip misalignment became more noticeable and she was ordered to occasionally wear a brace around her torso to assist with posture correction. In addition to the posture brace, she attended fitness classes which were designed especially for treatment of scoliosis & were very similar in nature to Yoga and Pilates exercises. Other than the above, she was a 2 kg 800 gram premature born baby with undersized lungs & couldn’t breathe on her own, but thanks to the better technology finally becoming available in the 80’s she was put in an incubator for the first two weeks of her life. Growing up in Russia with a condition called scoliosis (around age 9) she got sent to a retreat for children with health difficulties similar to hers and had all sorts of therapeutic treatments there. These treatments included everything from mud baths , various types of massage, lung inhalations and regular sauna & steam room detox sessions. This had a tremendous effect on her health improvement and a big dream of hers would be to one day open a similar facility. After moving to the United States she got involved with swimming, diving and soon after gymnastics and dance. Leading a very active lifestyle as a teenager she was able to even out her muscles to where an imbalance was hardly noticeable. Angy discovered yoga at the age of 16 and It is without a doubt the best exercise system for back alignment & posture, it also aids those with a history of respiratory dysfunction by teaching proper breathing techniques as you flow through the poses. Over the years It has also aided her with stress (anxiety) relief because of its spiritual aspect. Today at age 33 she is living back in New York NY, having become a model and dancer, yoga instructor and skin therapist, she is continuing her education to hopefully obtain her Doctorate Degree. The tools necessary to share her life’s journey are now at her disposal and she can pass on the gift of maintaining a balanced body, mind and soul through alternative methods. “I offer my story only as an example and hope you except this tiny piece of my life! Namaste. XoXo -Ang”