Ang Yoga Episode 13 (Jade Eggs For Genital Yoga and Sexual Health)

As a yoga instructor I still say Do Your Kegels because they are a post birthing technique of restoring your muscles back to normal, but I do agree kegels alone only maintain what you  have.  If you want bigger results you won’t be able to get them by doing kegels  alone. There are exercises such as squats for example in conjunction with kegels which add difficulty, there are  kegel balls and creams and then there are jadecrystals  and weights. New video Blog and personal review coming soon!

#ImNotAshamed Exercising my freedom of speech and leadership skills as well as promoting women’s rights! I finally found the perfect doctor in Santa Monica David Ghozland who is the only doctor I know of on the West Coast to use a laser with a holistic approach to cosmetic gynecology aka “Designer Vagina”. Now I am really a porn-star, haha 😉 just kidding. I went through with a laser augmentation or touch up and rejuvenation of the perineum area on January 9th due to discomfort post episiotomy birth and am very happy with the results.

My son arrived 1 day late on April 24th 2010 and was a normal sized newborn at 7 Lb 8 oz, the episiotomy ensured a quick and safe labor of only 12 hours. All women are very different in how they recover, and although I had gotten many  compliments on the tightness and appearance from partners, the discomfort continued through the  years until I finally decided to do something about it. Laser procedures have a faster recovery time and are a much better alternative to traditional surgical methods. I can honestly say you would never be able to tell I had a child, thanks to the amazing technology of today and I can even have it redone if I do decide to have another.

In society today it is so difficult for a woman to even say the word VAGINA without it being perceived as inappropriate. I am, proud to be a mother and a female who is able to speak openly about any part of my body nor have I ever felt self conscious about my genitalia. For me it was quiet the opposite, I always felt very sexy and received lots of pleasure from that most sacred part of my body and I am glad to see there are a few amazing women who can relate. I had been a fan of some of them on YouTube and Instagram. Amber Leitz and Leyla Martin‘s posts and videos have very powerful messages and inspired me to try jade egg exercises and teach other women, especially the younger generation about genital health yoga or vaginal Kung Fu as Kim Anami calls it.

I have heard horror stories from female friends of mine who never orgasm and have a terrible sex drive. I don’t understand how you can live without enjoying your sex life because that has never happened to me, I’ve always been very freaky and orgasmic. Especially now, post child birth, surgery and recovery I enjoy being intimate more than ever. Jade eggs are a great way to maintain sexual, feminine health and reach our full orgasmic potential as the sensual, spiritual beings we are.

Kim Anami swears by them, as do I, orgasms are great for the skin and help to keep you glowing while looking younger longer. Not only do I use jade stone infused products from Jadience in my skin care but I also know the power of jade allows me to enjoy multiple orgasmic experiences in the bedroom, so “stay fit to get it” haha!

Check out the video below from Layla Martin to see an example of what I am talking about and how emotional and touching it can be for some of these ladies! XoXo -Ang’

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