In this section you will find a monthly featured DIY recipe, which has become a hobby of mine. I won’t be offering these as services to clients, but it’s definitely a fun way for someone to experiment with various treatments in their own home.


DECEMBER 2014 — Recipe Of The Month So last week My son & I baked && decorated some GingerBread cookies, and right around that time we stumbled across this DIY Face mask recipe. Combining the following 3 ingredients will not only give you silky smooth skin, but will also leave you smelling like dessert lol.

INGREDIENTS: 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses 1 pinch of ginger 1 pinch of cinnamon I’ve talked about Black Strap Molasses on my Facebook page && this here recipe consists of this nutrient rich liquid as it’s main ingredient. Ginger is also rich in natural antioxidants, so this mask is great for treating blemishes. Just blend the ingredients, apply & wait until it is dry to remove with a moist/warm washcloth/towel. Enjoy!! && Merry Christmas!!!


NOVEMBER 2014 — Recipe Of The Month


OCTOBER 2014 — Recipe Of The Month So it’s Pumpkin Season again ;). And this year I wanted to feature a simple 2 ingredient body scrub. It requires for you to look up a recipe on how to make cooked pumpkin purée, however. I bake mine in the oven, then mash it the same way I would with potatoes’. You can also steam it or even buy it canned.

INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup Pumpkin Purée (cooked) 1/4 cup Brown Sugar Combine the ingredients in a small bowl. Apply the scrub to your body using a wet cloth. Scrub using circular motions and wash off in warm shower. Happy Halloween Glow Ya’ll !


SEPTEMBER 2014 — Recipe Of The Month Been slacking off this month, because it’s my birthday month. Crazy to think that I am now in my last year of my 20’s. Next year on September 18th I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. Oy vey!!! Lol Well anyway, so my favorite food to cook and eat (believe it or not) are potatoes. I have been reading lots of articles and doing lots of research on Ayurvedic Science and I have learned a lot of valuable information. Potatoes are a vegetable which is high in carbohydrates and vitamin C, in skin care: taking a few slices of raw peeled potatoes and placing them over a rash or an insect bite, can help to,relieve itching and discomfort. Leaving on the effected area for a few minutes and repeating this treatment several times daily is recommended. This can also help relieve sun burnt skin and prevent peeling. Try at your own discretion 😉 xoxo -Ang’


AUGUST 2014 — Recipe Of The Month Although we are still in the hotter summer months, I make it a part of my regular wind down routine to enjoy a cup of herbal tea. This months feature is chamomile tea and it’s amazing anti-anxiety benefits as well as it’s anti inflammatory properties which are beneficial for acne prone skin & acne scars. Brew a cup before bed & you should sleep much better. As a part of your skincare routine you can drench a washcloth in this tea and apply it as a compress to your face to soothe & calm redness & help to heal scars. You should however keep it away from your eyes. After washing your face with your normal face wash, leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water.


JULY 2014 — Recipe Of The Month Scorching hot weather this month in San Diego & I’m sure many of us are getting overexposed to UV rays and ending up with red burned patches, in some cases leading to itchy dry patches which then result in dead peeling skin. Watermelon is a popular item at your local farmers market this time of year for its high water content. In holistic nutrition it is known for it’s content of vitamin A, C & most importantly vitamin B6 which aids your body in relieving stress and anxiety. When it comes to skin care the 93% water content combined with it’s vitamin content; the watermelon wonder fruit won’t just hydrate but also repair and protect your outer most layer.

INGREDIENTS: Cotton pads or balls (as many as needed) Fresh watermelon juice Soak cotton pads with fresh watermelon juice and apply to any sun damaged area. Let the juice sit on your skin for 15 minutes before rinsing off with cool water. Dry off as you normally would & apply lotion to maintain hydration. Repeat treatment as necessary.

Hope everybody had a fun & safe 4th of July!!


JUNE 2014 — Recipe Of The Month As we get into the dryer summer months our skin will be exposed to sun rays, ocean winds & swimming pool water full of chlorine. A good way to exfoliate while sustaining moisture and maintaining a glowing complexion is in this DIY recipe. All three of the ingredients featured this month have been mentioned in my past posts. However the combination of them as a whole, has a result which is quiet different from before, and is awesome for all skin types.

INGREDIENTS: 1 teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 teaspoon Honey 1 teaspoon Baking Soda The baking soda works as a gentle exfoliating agent by eremoving dead skin cells, it also reduces redness caused by breakouts & boosts circulation. Honey, tightens your pores, fights off bacteria & protects your skin from sun damage. Both olive oil & honey bring their moisturizing properties to the mixture, so your skin will not over dry. Mix the ingredients in a bowl until they form a thin paste, for a thicker paste you may add more baking soda. Apply the mask and leave on until it is dry, then wash & moisturize your face as you normally would. For a more relaxing ritual apply at bed time. Enjoy 😉

XoXo -Ang’


MAY 2014 — Recipe Of The Month One of my most favorite vegetables to buy and eat in the spring time is Cucumber. It doesn’t only taste delicious and add a fresh scent & crunch to my salads, but also has many nutrients which are good for your inner and outer body. The skin care suggestion this month is to include two slices with every at home facial you perform and to place one on top of each eye lid as you allow the face mask of your choice to absorb into the skin. This months feature is not so much a recipe as it is a suggestion. The benefits of applying cucumbers as an eye treatment on a regular basis are many; such as fade dark under eye circles, reduce puffiness and redness, improve overall complexion & tighten open pores. This is definitely a well known regimen used by many, yet plain old round cucumber slices made my feature this month!! As always thanks for stopping by.


APRIL 2014 — Recipe of The Month!! Well know and simple recipe of the month this month is a sea salt scrub. Getting into mid spring now and the local temperatures rising, you are bound to get more and more foot discomfort. This do it yourself exfoliating foot scrub requires 2 key ingredients && a third optional aroma therapy oil addition.

INGREDIENTS: About 1/3 of a cup of sea salt 1 table spoon of coconut oil 5 drops of orange essential oil (or other citrus scent of your choice) Mix the above together and rub gently onto the skin working from the feet up to the knee in circular motion. Citrus is suggested because it is the top choice to relieve stress, anxiety and calm the mind. You can also use lavender or any other aroma you like. The salt mixed with the oils will not only exfoliate the dead skin cells but also detoxify and relax the skin and muscles of the foot and calves. A similar treatment is done in most salons and spas during a pedicure, but it is very easily done in your home if your schedule allows for self pampering. Treatment suggested at least once a month. -Namaste Ang’


MARCH 2014 — Recipe of The Month!! My herb of the month this month which by the way makes an awesome addition to my signature made from scratch mashed potato’s is fresh mint. This homemade skin soothing and softening soak for feet and hands will not only calm your nerves and relieve your senses but will also help you to relax and wind down as it is best used before bedtime or during a cold. Very beneficial for cracked heels, dry hands & the nervous system also.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Fresh Spearmint Leaves Water in a pot to boil. Use the leaves by boiling them in water for about 7 minutes. Pour the liquid into a small bowl for your hands and a larger one for your feet. Sit in a comfortable chair, and enjoy this soak during your favorite show or while listening to some relaxing music. It is best to lay towels over hands, feet & bowls to keep the heat in and enjoy this treatment a few minutes longer.


FEBRUARY 2014 — Recipe of The Month!! My latest health food/item obsession is Aloe Vera Juice. Aloe Vera plant is used in herbal medicine for it’s soothing abilities, when taken internally and applied externally to skin’s surface. It contains a plethora of amino acids and vitamins beneficial to the entire human body. In this months feature I discovered a do it yourself all natural holistic make up remover. It is non-irritating, easy to make and highly effective.

INGREDIENTS: (I always suggest organic:) Aloe Vera Juice Extra Virgin Olive Oil In a resealable bottle mix about 2 cups of aloe vera juice and one half of a cup of olive oil. The oil will noticeably float above the juice, so you will really need to shake the bottle every time before use. After shaking: soak a cotton pad in the mixture & gently apply to desired area of the face. I usually start with the eye area. To those who are threatened by the idea of putting oil all over the face, I’d like to state that extra virgin olive oil actually very closely resembles the natural oil in our skin, which means it won’t clog your pores. It contains several antioxidants which allow it to work as a cleanser, moisturizer and protector of the skin. Together with the cooling and healing powers of aloe vera, these two make the perfect makeup remover for any skin type. Followed of course by your routine face washing regimen. View pic-post below, for other holistic health products suggested and used by me!! XoXo -Ang’


JANUARY 2014 — Recipe of The Month!! Russians put sour cream on everything? I guess we do eat it quiet often and even use it as salad dressing, but I also happened to learn that sour cream contains lactic acid which happens to be one of the most popular alpha hydroxy acids in skin care today. Here is a Do It Yourself Lactic Acid Treatment including only one item found in most people’s refrigerators: sour cream (i recommend organic).

INGREDIENTS: Sour Cream (cold) Cover your hair with a towel or shower-cap. Apply sour cream and massage into face and neck. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Then use warm water and cloth to remove the rest. This treatment helps to balance the PH of your skin, if you are oily and prone to acne, it also has anti-aging and brightening properties. HELLO 2014 😉


——————————————— DECEMBER 2013 — Recipe of The Month!! Super fruit feature of the month this month and one of my personal fav’s to add to salads when I cook is the avocado pear. It is extremely useful for skincare, particularly for it’s anti-aging properties and essential oils which preserve elasticity and moisture, especially during the cold winter months and in humid environments. Introducing the holiday season’s DIY recipe containing organic yogurt & avocado pulp. This is also really good for those who have very dry, red or itchy skin.

INGREDIENTS: 1 tea spoon of organic yogurt (room temperature) 1 portion of (fresh) organic avocado pulp Beat the yogurt well, then add the pulp. Keep mixing until creamy and even in color. The yogurt has enzymes which easily exfoliate the skin, so this mixture will help any complexion get soft and hydrate. Apply to face and leave on for about 15 minutes. Remove as usual with warm water and wash cloth, and or a hot towel if available. Please enjoy these and other recipe’s I feature and don’t forget to look me up on Facebook. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. Peace Peace, Love Love XoXo -Ang’

——————————————— NOVEMBER 2013 — Recipe of The Month!! Now that we are into the month of November, the air has gotten much cooler and more damaging to the lips and face. The snow season is just around the corner and personally I have stocked up on my vitamins and immune system boosting products. One of my latest obsessions has been coconut oil. So you can guess this months do it yourself exfoliating scrub, will include just that. This oil offers so many health benefits and can be used in many ways, when it comes to skin it is a great moisturizer plus has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties which makes it perfect for treating and preventing acne breakouts.

INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cup organic extra virgin coconut oil (very warm/soft) 1/4 cup of baking soda Mix very well, until creamy or frosting like in appearance. Should be solidified. Store in a container with a tight fitting lid at room temperature. To apply wet the face and hands first then rub about a teaspoonful or so on face, lips and neck. Rinse with warm water and washcloth, then pat face dry with a clean towel. I have also heard of people using this exfoliator as a body scrub and even toothpaste, because baking soda is an alkali with whitening and brightening effects. ENJOY 😉 Peace, Love & Happy Holidays!!!

——————————————— OCTOBER 2013 — Recipe Of The Month!! The Fall season has arrived, and is well known as the time of year for picking pumpkins and apples. This means it’s time for another do it yourself recipe of the month. I wanted to feature one with apples so after a thorough search I came across a do it yourself toner!! Apple cider vinegar is the main ingredient here, and has an assortment of beneficial qualities which can not only improve your skin’s texture and tone but detoxify it as well. Highly recommended for oily skin types!!

INGREDIENTS: 1 part (organic/raw unfiltered) apple cider vinegar — diluted in plastic bottle 2 parts distilled water Shake well to combine the mixture. Apply to skin using cotton ball or pad, keeping away from the eyes. Allow several minutes to dry and moisturize the treated area as you would on a regular basis. I would personally recommend this regimen twice daily (morning & evening) to maintain a balanced PH level of the skin. HAPPY Trick or Treating 😉

——————————————— SEPTEMBER 2013 — Recipe Of The Month!! Growing up as a child in Russia and later after having lived in Little Russia New York, I grew to enjoy and attend the traditional Russian Bathhouse or a “banya”- consisting of a number of types of mineral and steam baths. Other than vodka a common beverage you would find served in an establishment like this would be hot tea with honey and lemon. Which brings me to introducing this months do it yourself face mask. It is not only brightening and exfoliating but also anti-inflammatory and great for acne prone skin as well as aging skin types.

INGRIDIENTS: 1/2 of a lemon (organic is always better) — squeezed into a bowl 2 tbsp of RAW honey Mix with spoon until mixture is of an even liquid consistency. Apply to face, neck, chest or any other part of your body, as needed. Entering a sauna or steam room will induce the effects of this mixture, because of the heat. At home, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then remove with warm water and washcloth. ENJOY xoxo -Ang’

——————————————— AUGUST 2013 –Recipe Of The Month!! This mask I’ve done on myself since I was a kid in Russia. My cousin and I used to mess around and play spa at home. After some research and an education in skincare, I have come to find out that this homemade face mask with only two Ingredients is both moisturizing and soothing.

INGRIDIENTS: 2 egg whites — separated from the yolk and placed in a bowl. 2 tablespoons of sour cream (I like Daisy;) Mix them up and apply to face. Leave on for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and washcloth. HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS AND OTHER SKIN CARE SECRETES I PLAN TO SHARE!!! XOXO -Ang’